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  1. Juliet Schor Says:

    Dear Kevin,
    Congratulations on your new book. Have you see Plenitude, my new book? It covers much of this ground (in more condensed form), but at least from your TOC, I think we’re making some v similar arguments. You can ask Vinay Gupta or Marcin Jakubowski about it–It would be great if you added me to your blogroll ( and I’ll be happy to promote your book as well as soon as I’ve had a chance to read it.
    Where do you live? Juliet

  2. freemarketanticapitalist Says:

    Thanks, Juliet. Your book’s been on my reading list since I saw it referenced on OSE’s blog. I’ll have to check out what Vinay said, as well. I just added you to my blogroll. I live in NW Arkansas. I’m glad the book caught your interest! If you want a review copy, just contact me by email with shipping details.

  3. Petros Says:

    I am slowly but surely getting through your book. Is seems to me that it gets nicely along the Murray Bookchin’s Ecology of Freedom and in general — his communalism. What is your position on that?

  4. Petros Says:

    I see what you mean. On my modest scale, I try to explore the ideas of a networked society, as you may see in my articles and

    Currently I am involved in supporting Rojava Autonomy in Northern Syria (, which seems to be a great example of prefiguration along the line of your (and Bookchin’s) thinking.
    As for Kropotkin, I know him mostly due to his writings on anarchist ethics, also as a source of inspiration for Polish anarcho-cooperativist movement. It will be pleasure to get deeper into his works.

    I will need some time to go through your book, but I will surely get back to you as soon as I finish it. If you, meanwhile, decide to have your book translated into Polish, Russian or German, please count me in. With my partner we have certain experience in this respect.

    • freemarketanticapitalist Says:

      Thanks for the links, and for your offer of translating help. I can’t afford to pay a translator, but anyone who wishes to translate my work on an open-source basis is free to distribute it as they see fit.

      I find the Rojava social experiment very inspiring and exciting.

  5. Wayne Price Says:

    Hi Kevin, You might be interested in this.

    In Defense of the Anarchist Use of Marx’s Economic Theory
    Anarchist Views of Marx’s Critique of Political Economy
    by Wayne Price

    Wayne Price has defended Marx’s critique of political economy as useful for revolutionary anarchists. In the past many anarchists have agreed. But some have not, such as Ron Tabor or Peter Kropotkin. Several topics in Marx’s economic theory are discussed and responses are made to criticisms: the concentration and centralization of modern capitalism; the labor theory of value; and the possibility of working class revolution.

    Comments welcome.

  6. freemarketanticapitalist Says:

    Thanks, Wayne!

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